Adjustable Victorian Finger Rings in antique gold!

An artist always looks for some inspiration be it in nature, paintings, architecture, books, colors or things. I am usually inspired by songs and colors.

Songs narrate a story, an emotion just like the stones I design. Each marvel is made with intricate care and so much love. These are special finger rings crafted by the amazing artisans of Jaipur.

This art, which was introduced while the Britishers ruled India, was made in priceless precious stones with pure gold. After their tenure, the craft was left behind and passed on to generations years after. Today these are made with semi-precious stone with pure silver which is very expensive and are mostly exported.

The craftsmen also make these in a high-quality metal with a beautiful antique gold polish as you see in the capture. These rings have gold bands at the back, which can be adjusted according to your comfort.

A circle of life is represented in these rings where the craft is exhibited at its best and sold at affordable prices. The ring is not only eye-catching but also looks very royal. A great asset to one’s jewelry collection.

A memorable gift for special occasions like birthdays, valentine’s day, or for an anniversary with your beloved. Choose a gift that holds the moment up close and personal. An unforgettable memory to celebrate your bond of love.

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